2021 new products IP65 3colors waterproof Aluminum led signal tower light

Jan 18 , 2021

Good New! We worked out a new item aluminum wateproof led sinagel tower light

Otennlux is a manufacturer of led signal tower light, led cnc machine work light ,cnc machine spot light..

Our products all with high quality , we already cooperated with lots of famous brand machine tool manufacturers.

2021 We plan to work out at less 1 item new product for each month.

01 /08/2021 we worked out one new item : IP65 waterproof signal tower light

Now lots of plastic materail led signal light in Market, also lots of signal tower lights only with IP20.

So we worked out one new item, aluminum materail , Ip 65 waterproof ,please check the picture.

Small body , only 50mm diameter and the high is only 20cm.

Long life time about 50000hours working time.

24V and 100-277v is available.

If you need more information, please contact us.

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